ultra rare & specific asmr triggers 6

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Want more ultra rare & specific? Here’s the playlist!!

0:00 – Casetify
3:02 – Gibi Merch
3:16 – Intro
5:00 – Tapping on a Soda Can
16:15 – Going from Soft Speaking to Whispering in one sentence
25:33 – Tapping on popsicle sticks
31:05 – Typing on the camera lens
36:12 – Placing and peeling stickers & tracing them
45:08 – Crinkling and tapping on soap wrappers

OOOO I really like how this one turned out! Although I actually already pulled the triggers for the next installment, so let me know when you want part 7…. I’m ready! :-))))
I love this series!! I hope you get to see/hear some triggers you wanted to see, or discover some new ones! Which ones did you like best?!?!!?

Sleep well everybody!!



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