The Perfect ASMR Video

Well… that’s up for you to decide!! How did I do incorporating everyone’s advice!? If you’re confused, check out Part 1 here!

And another massive thank you to all of the creators that helped me out! :’)
Check out their channels, in alphabetical order 😀
ALB in whisperland ASMR
ASMR Jonie
Atlas ASMR
Batala’s ASMR
Gentle Whispering ASMR
Slight Sounds ASMR
Tiptoe Tingles ASMR

I can’t tell you how much fun I had filming this one!! It’s not always realistic to have this much time for prep and filming if I want to make more than one video a month LOL – but gosh it’s fun to REALLY take my time every once in a while!! And it was a REALLY fun ~challenge~ to incorporate all of the pieces of advice into one video!! How do you think I did!?

tl;dr – here is the advice I incorporated (paraphrased!)
~Take time to meditate and have a calm mind/be “in the mood” before filming!
~Cozy, low lighting with blue, but also warm, so you feel like you’re simultaneously in a tavern and a bedroom
~Use a rim light
~Slow movements and speech (But not too slow!!)
~Using triggers/sounds I personally like
~Starting with louder triggers and ending with softer ones
~Making the viewer feel like the main character
~Deep eye contact with a soft smile
~Adding a level of maximization or whimsy/exaggeration
SUCH GOOD ADVICE!!! I love so much how it all came together! And nobody knew what other people had said, so it was crazy to me that it all meshed so well!!

So I decided to go with what I call a ~hybrid/pseudo~ RP, a video that isn’t like FULLY removed from the ASMR world/I’m not trying to disguise any ASMR triggers as realistic – but we’re clearly playing make believe 😀

Enjoy!! It ended up being quite long because I was having such a good time with it/chose so many triggers/was going slower than I usually do!!! So lmk if you make it to the end…. 🙂

PS I also put the sponsored saturday on wednesdays video, so that this video would be unsponsored LOLLLLL


0:00 – Intro
3:14 – Sleep Coffee machine
6:55 – Sleep Coffee
7:26 – Toaster Coasters
11:18 – Face Touching
12:12 – Bag and Face Touching w/ Tools
17:19 – Pink Foam
18:50 – Can you see shapes?
21:40 – Headset
22:34 – Spraying
24:24 – McSleepy
25:36 – Sensation Test
32:25 – pH Test
38:10 – Water Bottle
40:04 – Eyeglasses Triggers
47:03 – Button Clicking
47:58 – Paper Triggers
49:10 – Squishy Ball
51:05 – Face Rolling
56:00 – Plastic Jar Tapping
56:42 – Face Tapping w/ Makeup Sponges
1:00:41 – Slime
1:04:20 – Brushing
1:07:26 – Bristle Brushing
1:10:29 – More Face Touching

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