The Best of Gibi ASMR: Vol. 2 | 1 Hour of Your Favorite ASMR Moments

Watch the first volume here:
You all submitted SO MANY good moments I literally couldn’t not do a second version!!! I hope that you enjoy! :’)

I realized recently that this year we’re going to hit 1,000 unique uploads on my channel (not including compilations like this, updates, extra versions, livestreams, shorts, etc…) – and I’m so happy!! Sometimes I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years since this channel started. Very fun to watch through these moments to see what you all remembered and enjoyed.

Also just a reminder that February will have 1 upload a week! (Except the first week, when I’ll have the name video from the MANAThon auction live!) Then back to two a week for a few months 🙂 I’ll make an update video for y’all soon!

Sleep well everyone 🙂

Gibi ~

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