Massage Gun Comparison Kraftgun, Acedaway, Voxpree, Tokfit & A Jigsaw

Massage Gun Comparison Kraftgun, Acedaway, Voxpree, Tokfit & A Jigsaw
** Be Warned Loud Sounds ** I liked the Voxpree and Acedaway for being quiet and long battery life.
2:37 Unboxing’s (the best part?)
9:28 Acedaway Sound Test
10:15 Kraftgun Sound Test
11:45 Tokfit Sound Test
12:49 Voxpree
13:45 Tests Under Load
14:05 Example of Massagers Bouncing Under Load (they all do it at times)
14:25 Voxpree Sound Test Under Load
15:32 Acedaway Sound Test Under Load
15:58 Kraftgun Sound Test Under Load
17:05 Tokfit Sound Test Under Load
17:35 Ergonomics
18:02 Battery Life
19:42 Kraft Gun Final Thoughts
21:14 Tokfit Final Thoughts
21:52 Voxpree Final Thoughts
22:15 **** Final Thoughts ****

I have been wanting to do this for some time, many of the newer massage guns work very well and can be very helpful. I liked the Voxpree and Acedaway for the quietness and long battery life.
The Kraftgun battery life is short, 1.5 hours at best brand new….. Also i dont like the bouncing when i try to apply pressure.
The Tokfit was good at massaging and battery life was amazing, but very loud to use.

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PATREON: Let me help you relax!

My name is Dmitri, i live on the Gold Coast Australia. I remember a tingling sensation i would experience when i was young, as i grew i found i could trigger the experience when i found the right set stimuli like the tone of a person’s voice, gentle massage, watching someone focus on a task. This was before video and internet were in the same thought range. Over time i found and experienced many different situations to learn about all the different triggers for ASMR. I translated that experience & combined some innate ability to help people experience it with the high quality studio recordings to bring the highest quality tingles i can.

ASMR is a tingly feeling the commonly felt in the scalp area and often down the back and other parts of the body. ASMS is commonly experienced through a soft spoken or whispering voice, ear to ear sounds or binaural sounds, watching or experience massage, plus a Variety of sounds like tapping crinkle scratching.
Some of the benefits of ASMR might be sleep relaxation reduce stress and anxiety

I specialize in no talking ASMR video’s focusing on ASMR sounds, i try to create different video for all the different preferences people have. Some of my role plays are based in fictional characters like Dr Dmitri & Manwelle

I loved watching massage video to experience ASMR so i like to create video to replicate these experiences with other, like head massage, back massage for total body relaxation.

What is ASMR ? A theory

When your cranial nerves receives information in the form of sight, sounds & Senses your brain may process this information as let us say a “trigger” When you cranial nerves find that perfect combination of “Triggers” it activates the full effect of the parasympathetic nervous system almost like a symphony neurons hitting the perfect note as wave after wave of feelings cascades down the nervous system down the spine and to many parts of the body

I believe it may then releases one or more of: oxytocin, acetylcholine, GABA, Serotonin, endorphins directing into the brain and blood stream Instantly relaxing, clearing cortisol, adrenaline and soothes the body.

There is another side effect of this symphony that it puts the brain into a alpha state and after the person falls asleep allows them to access a deeper delta level state during sleep.

This theory idea was put forward to me by a very special person, i believe they have a insight and understanding of ASMR that even i do not have.

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