Improv ASMR | My Husband Gives Me ASMR Challenges

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HELLOOOOOO EVERYONE! I can’t believe I’ve never had this idea before but, don’t worry, I thought of it, and now we’re here. I asked Ben to write down ASMR triggers, challenges, etc. I had no idea what to title this~!!! He wrote them down on a piece of paper and I had no idea what I was going to get until I was filming. This was so much fun and I highly encourage any of my fellow ASMR creators to get their partners/roommates/friends to do this for them!!!!

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOWWW obviously hahahah.
0:00 – Bright Cellars
3:05 – Intro
4:58 – Write a short story.
13:40 – Make sounds with the color wheel.
16:16 – Find the nearest prop from the Bee Movie.
17:37 – Do a vet roleplay.
22:00 – Change the lighting.
23:06 – Cook some breakfast.
27:42 – Use a trigger from the bin that is third from the top, in the far right column.
30:34 – Use three different bottles for spray sounds.
34:29 – Open and close the book light ten times.
36:40 – Do a one minute impersonation of Daisy.
38:12 – Squish and smoosh your favorite brush.

Enjoy! Sleep well!!!! August has been an absolute crazy month but I’m pleasantly surprised I’ve actually managed to stay on schedule… fingers crossed LOL


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