I got some things I think sound really nice for ASMR

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^I hope that didn’t startle you 30 seconds in kdslfja;lsdjfasjfdsa

Alright short description today because I am mid-filming a TEAM ROCKET VIDEO!!! See my Instagram story for some behind the scenes if I remember LOL

Item assortment for your ears c: I went to San Francisco and perused some shops to find some tingly items for videos!!! Which was your favorite??? They’re all brand new to the channel, yay!!!

Sleep well everyone 🙂

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Raid
2:40 – Talking About Trip
4:18 – Wax Stamps
5:30 – Business Card Envelopes
7:45 – Cards
10:35 – Bakers Twine
11:50 – Quickie Glue
13:20 – Markers / Writing with Markers
24:25 – Mini DDR Machine
25:50 – Special Bags
28:45 – Wax Cubes
32:00 – Ekobo Bowl
33:30 – Whale Mini Brush
36:10 – Wooden Bookmarks
38:30 – Wooden Postcard
39:50 – Brave Bird Note Cards
44:15 – Gummy Rat
44:40 – Rilakkuma Tin
45:40 – Jelly Babies

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