Gibi ASMR | Playing Would You Rather on an iPad

READ ME: I forgot to answer the first question on the screen!! I’m sorry!!! My answer is: I’d rather pick talk to animals, even if it wasn’t a perfect communication, would be unbelievable to be the only person who could do that!!! Sorry, hope y’all see this before getting mad at me for skipping it LOL

Welcome to WOULD YOU RATHER / FAVORITES with Gibi!!! Thanks everyone for submitting such fun ones! I was going to limit myself to 20 and then I immediately blew past that because there were so many good promptsssss ~ I really would love to do this again if you all want to see more!

The app I’m using is OneNote 🙂

I reference ASMR Galaxy’s channel:
if you love watching Would You Rathers/iPad sounds!! This video is directly inspired from theirs! :))) Definitely check them all out, so many great videos!!!

Otherwise, sit back and relax! I wanted to put my own spin on it by writing out the answers, that rainbow pen was OOOOH MYYYYY LORD so satisfying to write with!!!!
I also have a paper-like screen cover on my iPad as well which is why it sounds a bit different 🙂

SLEEP WELL EVERYBODY! Or feel free to play along 😀


0:00 – Intro
2:44 – Would You Rather Questions
33:00 – Favorites Questions Begin

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