Gibi ASMR | Lo-fi Rome Hotel Tour

I was SOOO TIRED WHEN I FILMED THIS HAHAH AND IT’S SO OBVIOUS omg what am I even SAYING in this video — I am … I don’t even know lol. But by gosh was I determined to film a hotel tour video before we left, because I LOVE watching them!!! I don’t know if I did a very good job… I really should practice getting good footage when I leave my house ;-;

But dang I had a great time in Rome and I can’t wait to show you my tattoos!! I shot my first tattoo tour video today, so get ready for that 🙂 This is our stay at the Palazzo Manfredi – we got there on Monday morning, did a 3 hour tour as soon as we landed, a 6 hour tour the next day, I got tattooed the day after that, then we did a 3 hour tour in the morning and took a train up to Milan… tattoo all day Friday, hung out with Nips and toured around on Saturday, and home again on Sunday!! It really flew. I posted some pictures on my ig and Twitter so be sure to check it out if you want more (‘: Otherwise, have this video!!! I do wish I got more, I will remember this for next time!

Beastars tattoo by:
and Chaos tattoo by:
🙂 Check them out! They were both incredible.

Sleep well!!!


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