Fastest ASMR | Mechanic, Lawyer, Therapist, Beekeeper, Piercing, Paramedic, Dunkin, Yoga, Halloween

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0:00 – Helix Sponsor
1:06 – Mechanic
2:38 – Lawyer
4:04 – Halloween Costumer
6:13 – Therapist
7:25 – Beekeeper (CW: bee sounds!!)
8:46 – Dog Groomer
10:33 – Ear Piercer (no tool shown/it’s just pretend!)
12:22 – Paramedic
14:16 – Dunkin’ Donuts
16:06 – Yoga Instructor

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This is my TENTH one meaning we have just about 100 FASTEST ROLEPLAYS!!!! I’ll be editing them together into one mega video and adding a few new ones in between I think for the next edition HA
Thanks so much for enjoying this series so much!!! It is SO much fun for me and allows me to do so many different “characters” without worrying too much about making a perfect full length version of it.
That being said, I’m loling at the thought of making some of these full series – so lmk which RPs are your favorite, haha!

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