Fastest ASMR | Daisy, Lorelei, Sybil, Luna, Mistletoe, Bart, Robyn, PomPom, Fleeb Florb, Tatyana

I have wanted to do this video for SO LONG – THE GIBIVERSE IS ALLLLL COMIN TOGETHER NOW-

Yes I did indeed shoot this in one day it was a marathon
Fun fact I did not shoot them in order due to trying to be strategic with makeup and not needing to re-do my face 7 times and setting up the green screen more than once LOL
Not so fun fact – I recorded a tik tok of all of them and on the very very very last one I messed up and pressed the wrong button and all of the footage was lost for eternity (I was filming in-app) and I am so sorry

WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE!? Does anyone need a full video comeback???

I hope you enjoy!!
Thank you Naomi for the timestamps! c:
0:00 Daisy
1:31 Lorelei
2:33 Sybil
4:03 Luna
5:20 Mistetoe
6:23 Bart
7:45 Robyn
8:46 Pompom
10:52 Fleeb Florb
12:31 Tatyana

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