Completely Unedited & Unscripted ASMR: Doctor’s Office (Unprofessional)

SOOOO I figured… what could be more chaotic than unedited asmr?? Unedited ASMR with TWO people!! And one of whom DOES NOT do ASMR….. this is her second time!!
(Here is her first LOL:

Thank you Sav so much for filming with meeeee! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! :’)
Soooo I put out a ton of random props and then we wrote down a bunch of ideas and put them in a cup…. and decided to do a RP with whatever props I had already set out!! It was a really fun exercise and I hope you guys love it too!! This is unedited AND unscripted/unplanned LOL

Welcome to the Back Alley Doctor’s Office!!

T…timestamps? Incoming?

kind of loling that this video is posted right after the ~Perfect ASMR~ one HAHAHAH

If you want more unedited:

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This video was… well…. a little bit edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! (Just syncing the audio and video, and putting in the intro and outro things LOL) Give him some love:

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