Can The Akinator Guess ASMRtists? Let’s Find Out!

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HELLLOOOOO YALL welcome back to another DENIS-EDITED VIDEO – WHERE YOU GET ALL THE MEMES – I hope you enjoy!! I totally forgot about Akinator – the web-based … AI? Robot? Idk? who is able to 20-questions (…sometimes a lot more than 20) his way into guessing ANY CHARACTER (slash real person) you’re thinking of!

Today i wanted to see if Akinator knew of the ASMR community… let’s find out!

NordVPN: 0:00
Intro: 2:38
ME (…Gibi ASMR): 3:50
Gibby from iCarly: 6:50
Frivolous Fox ASMR ( : 8:58
ASMR Glow ( : 12:51
Bonus…Daisy: 17:51

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Edited by the fantastical DENIS J who you can check out here!

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