Calling People From My Past & Making Them Do ASMR

Oh MANNN oh man thank you SO much everyone who volunteered to be in this video!! Open the description, it’ll be a long one 😀

Short premise:
I wanted to do OM*GLE DOES ASMR but I was reminded that that site is actually really terrible and I didn’t want to put anyone in an unsafe position by recommending that they go to that site; etc. etc… so please, stay away from there 🙂 (they track your location on top of everything else so…yikes!)

SOOOOOO — I thought, ok, what’s a safe and more fun version of that!? ASMR WITH PEOPLE I KNOW AND TRUST! So I posted on one of my priv accounts and all of these lovely angels vOLUNTEERED THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS and filmed with me!!! I had SUCH a blast. These people are ranging from teachers of mine, to bridesmaids in my wedding, to people I haven’t talked to in YEARS but they still have been supporting me regardless. Honestly, extremely wholesome day for me and I’m very touched to have connected with everyone and SO happy with how this video turned out, so I hope you enjoy!!

Most people I did not name for privacy reasons so I’ll just refer to them in the timestamp as How I Know Them 😀
Other people are actually on social media so I’ll link their stuff!!!

Lastly, I had an idea in case the video didn’t work out for some reason (but it did, so now I have BOTH of these things) — to do one of those classic “story one sentence at a time” exercises LOL! So you’re watching this video in the order I filmed with each person, and at the end of each session I asked the person to please “add a sentence to our bedtime story”. We started with “Once Upon a Time”, and then I would ask the next person for a sentence… you’ll see them record it in real time after they thought about what to say! Then the next person, I read them what we had so far, and asked them to add a sentence…. etc!
Which resulted in a very hilarious, very dramatic story of a mouse, which you can find at 50:07. 🙂

Alright! Timestamp time!

0:00 Intro
2:30 Gym & Health Teacher from High School 🙂
3:49 Jackie (
5:25 BORG (one of my very good friends from college, sound specialist)
7:02 SORORITY FRIEND (yes I was in a sorority, god help us all)
9:00 Film Director Senpai!! (from college, I was a first assistant director for his short film!)
11:01 Angel of my Life (High School+ best friend, bridesmaid, would run across a desert for her)
15:43 Film Friend!!!! We worked on a lot of projects together 🙂
17:02 SAV!!! She’s in a ton of my second channel content so you might recognize her!! I love her. (Bridesmaid, college+ best friend, would k*ll for her)
21:22 Justin Barbin!!! Photog at many college events, has an INCREDIBLE travel channel you should check out!
26:17 SOUND SENPAI (Taught me more about sound than my actual classes lol)
28:59 COLLEGE FILM FRIEND MUKBANG EDITION (i’m still counting it even if you switched majors)
31:49 High School Theater precious bean child
34:55 College Japanese Class precious bean child (AKA when I took a 101 language class as a senior and made friends w all the freshman LOL)
44:03 Ben’s senior frat bro’s gf who I fell in love with instantly upon meeting
47:14 The best couple probably even better than Ben and Me if We’re Being Honest
50:07 Bedtime Story!

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Edited by the fantastical DENIS J who you can check out here!
He did such a superb job!! I filmed for 12 HOURS and the madlad created this literal masterpiece. I APPRECIATE YOU DENIS!!!!!

PS thank you Ethan for sending me the Unus Annus hoodie I LOVE IT SM

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