Bid on my Props for Charity: MANATHON LIVESTREAM 2022

Some Auction Items are LIVE NOW, to get the ball rolling! See them here:
*All Stream and Auction Info Below! Please open me :)*

*MANAThon 2022 will start at at 10am EST, Friday December 16th!
We are raising $100,000 for The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation!*

*What is MANA?*
MANA is a talent agency that was formed after the merger of Human Media Group (created by Matt (MoistCr1tikal’s manager) and Ben, (my manager and husband!)) and Streamworks (created by Zach (JimmyHere’s manager) and Alex (lovely individual uwu)). I am a partial owner along with Charlie and Jimmy too! 🙂
You can check out the website here for more info:
*What is MANAThon??*
This is our first ever attempt at MANAThon – a joint charity marathon stream (Haha, get it, Marathon, MANAthon, I came up with it–) benefitting The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation!
Charlie, Jimmy and I have set a goal of $100,000 – which means, I’m aiming for $33,333.34 the best way I can – with live entertainment and an auction full of fun Gibi items!!

*What is The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation?*
The BBRF ( is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of psychiatric and mental illnesses. They award grants for scientific research – committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness.
100% of ALL donations to the BBRF goes to research!
I hope it goes without saying that mental health is extremely important to me, and I know these donations can actively make a change for the future.
Please consider donating at – it’s already live!

*What is the Auction?*
I stole this idea (with permission lol) from CDAWGVA! Thanks Connor!!! :’)
There are actually THREE parts to the auction, which makes it a little confusing, so hang in there! They are as follows:

*The Silent Auction* takes place online, at . You can place a bid (or proxy bid), and at the end of the auction, the winner will receive the listed item!
To garner some hype before Friday, TWO ITEMS PER DAY are only live for 24 hours, which means you can get your bids in and win them NOW! Check them out before it’s too late!

*Bidding Ends Wednesday, 6pm EST*
Sybil’s Mood Smoother & Apparatus:
LED Magic Potion Bottle:

*Bidding Ends Thursday, 6pm EST*
SOLD OUT Squish Screen Infinite Objects: TBA
Signed, Gibi-Owned Blue Yeti Pro: TBA

The rest of the Silent Auction will end at *7-7:30pm EST, Friday, December 16th.* So get all of your bids in before then!
I will be live HERE, on YouTube, at 6pm EST on Friday, watching the end of the Silent Auction along with chat! Then we will move back to Twitch for…

*The Live Auction!*
The Live Auction requires you to be in my Discord and place bids verbally, in the Auction Voice Channel, live during stream!
Join my Discord here:
And if you need any help, my moderators are there to assist you. 🙂
More details are listed there!

The Live Auction Items can also be previewed on , or on or on my socials!

The Live Auction will begin at 7:30pm EST, on – and will go until all of the items have been auctioned off!

Payment for the winning Live Auction items will be made with PayPal only, via Tiltify:

*The Spin the Wheel…. “Auction”*
After the Live Auction ends on Friday night, I’ll be signing off for the evening, and Charlie and Jimmy will keep MANAthon going! But…I’ll be back!
Starting at 9am EST on Saturday, December 17th, I’ll be live on to raise some more money via SPIN THE WHEEL Items!

SPIN THE WHEEL is something I made up because I realized doing a raffle was a little bit complicated legally – so instead… wheel!

Each SPIN THE WHEEL Item will be picked up in order, the wheel will be spun, and the amount shown after the spin will be the FIXED PRICE. In chat, you’ll be able to !BuyTheWheel item – and be entered into a draw to be able to purchase the shown item, for the shown price.
Prices could be: $1, $5, $20, $50, $100, Choose Your Own, OR, it could end up as an impromptu LIVE AUCTION.

The SPIN THE WHEEL Items can also be previewed on , or on my socials!

Otherwise, I’ll be live starting 10am EST on Friday, over on Twitch, so come join the shenanigans and make me do crazy challenges by donating to a good cause!! 🙂

Thank you so much for watching!

Gibi 🙂

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