ASMRtist Reacts To: ASMR TikTok

Tik toks in the thumbnail:
Satisfying Lips:
And the rest should be able to be found via their username on screen, but let me know if there are any problems finding them! ^_^

Yaaay I figured I’d jump on this kind of late – I believe the first person to do this was Ally ASMR, I know fastASMR and JoJo have as well, if you want more ASMR Tik Tok Reaction videos! x) but I do think that ASMR Tik Tok is absolutely killing it!!! There are so many creators on there making incredibly creative content :’) After I watched these I finally started to get some on my FYP and it’s so niceeeeeee uwu

Enjoy!!! I also realized I don’t have my TikTok in my social links so I added it!! I don’t typically do ASMR on there, it’s mostly random posting 🙂

Okay that’s it; this is a very straightforward video hahahah. If you’re in this video and have a YouTube channel, say hello down below!! 😀 After I filmed this I found Whispering Willow ASMR’s channel and fell asleep to her Fairy House video the other night, so cozy ;w;

Sleep well!~

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