ASMR | YOUR VOICES asking me personal questions….

I asked on twitter if you had any questions for me…but the catch was, i wanted to hear you ask them!!!! Thanks to everyone who submitted something, if you hear your voice, brag in the comment section!!!
Only timestamps in the description box today because it’s too long LOLLLLL 5,000 character limit… sleep well!

0:00 – Intro
1:16 – Has there ever been something you really wanted to do outside of ASMR?
2:17 – What’s your funniest Comic-Con story?
3:54 – When are you and Ben having a baby?
5:05 – If you had to pick between Satine and Luigi, who would you choose?
7:49 – Which fandom have you most enjoyed being a part of?
8:53 – What were some of the interview questions Lorelei asked Daisy when she hired her?
9:29 – What was the furthest place you’ve ever travelled to?
9:48 – Who did you look up to when you started YT? Now?
12:17 – What do you wish your parents didn’t know about you?
13:00 – Do you know BTS?
13:45 – Which anime character can you relate to the most?
14:28 – How has your life changed since becoming a large creator on YT?
15:50 – What was the best reaction someone had to you telling them you do ASMR for a living?
17:12 – How damaged was your hair after bleaching half of it?
18:07 – What is your stance on cheese?
18:40 – Describe the worst date that you have ever been on.
20:54 – Have you ever accidentally snipped your hair?
21:34 – What was your AIM username?
22:25 – What app do you use to read sheet music when you play piano?
23:03 – What is your favorite music to listen to?
24:07 – Has there been a time where Satine has embarrassed you in public?
26:40 – What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in a grocery store?
27:54 – Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?
28:19 – Do you know where you got the sweater that Mistletoe wears?
28:50 – What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?
31:00 – How would you define your personal style?
31:41 – Favorite video game of all time?
32:45 – Weirdest food combo that you really like?
33:17 – Favorite part of your wedding?
35:17 – What are your preferred condiments on a hotdog?
35:52 – What is your go-to order at a bar?
36:12 – What’s the weirdest face you can make?
36:44 – What is something you have never told anyone before?
37:44 – If you were in charge of making your own anime, what would it be about?
39:45 – If you could spend a day with any one of your OCs, who would it be?
40:44 – If you could play as anyone from film or tv, who would it be?
42:58 – If you had to scream into the microphone to wake someone up, what would you scream?
43:46 – What is your favorite anime?
44:28 – Do you ever get self-conscious about the voice you use while recording?
45:40 – Where would you say you fall on the Kinsey Scale?
47:33 – What was your first manga? What’s your favorite?
48:58 – Do you have any advice for college students who don’t know what to do with their life?
49:57 – What is a guilty pleasure you haven’t shared with us?
51:10 – What is the status of Weeb Wednesday?
51:36 – Is there anything you’ve ever done that you regret posting on the internet for everyone to see?
53:09 – Do you like potatoes?
53:33 – Please advise me on how to get a luscious beard like Ben.
54:05 – How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
54:18 – If you could time travel, what time would you go to?
55:36 – What group of kids sat next to you during lunch?
56:36 – What is your worst habit?
57:13 – Can you make another paraffin wax video?
57:37 – What is a video you really want to re-record?
58:37 – What is your favorite thing about being married to Ben?
1:00:07 – What is your all time favorite candle scent?
1:00:35 – What is the most embarrassing place that you’ve thrown up in your life?
1:01:22 – What was your favorite halloween costume from your childhood?
1:02:02 – What is your favorite Studio Ghibli film?
1:02:21 – If you could have free Wigs or Video games, which would you pick?
1:02:46 – How did you handle puppy gnawing with Satine?
1:04:40 – What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
1:05:07 – Are there any videos you’ve made in the past that you wouldn’t make today?
1:07:32 – Who’s your favorite anime villain?
1:07:43 – What advice do you have for getting over the stage fright of posting your first ASMR video?
1:09:16 – Did you plan your OC’s stories, or did it just run wild over time?
1:10:22 – Which fictional character do you love, but think would be insufferable to deal with in everyday life?
1:10:41 – What are your biggest pet peeves in ASMR?
1:11:13 – What is a TV show you wish you could watch again for the first time?
1:11:42 – Has there ever been a point where you thought you didn’t want to keep making ASMR videos?
1:12:18 – How and when did you find ASMR? Were you immediately interested?
1:13:20 – What is the most uncomfortable request you’ve received from a fan?
1:14:33 – Out of all the vegetables you’ve ever chomped on, which has the best texture?
1:15:22 – Who would you want to meet in the Avatar universe?

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