ASMR Your Top Requested Triggers for Sleep

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Thank you so much CASETiFY for this SponsoredSa- … Wednesday… we missed it on Saturday, I’m sorry!!! BUT – next month I’m hoping to do a fullllllll phone case tapping video, I’ve wanted to do one for so long… c:

ANYHOO! HEY THERE! YOU ASKED, I FILMED! I took the top requested triggers ~for sleep~ as requested by YOU! 🙂 Timestamps are below if you’d like to click around!

0:00 – Casetify
2:27 – Intro
3:51 – Rain & Fire Sounds Begin
4:19 – Explaining Upcoming Triggers
7:00 – Lennes Custom Creations Items & Sounds – just wanted to give a big shout out to Lenne for sending so so so many fun gifts – I can’t wait to show them off in a future apothecary video huehuehe. (
8:00 – Ribbon of Beads
9:09 – PC Board
10:42 – Disk Shaped Mirrors
11:33 – Foam Block
13:40 – Perler Beads
14:40 – Small Lid Sounds
16:05 – Leather Pouch & Dice
20:15 – Colored String Spools
22:17 – Whale Brush
24:20 – Follow My Instructions
26:30 – Follow The Light
29:50 – Personal Attention
33:25 – Face Brushing
35:30 – Fluffy Wrist Bracelets
37:30 – Scissor Sounds & Snipping Fur
40:40 – Box Tapping
45:30 – Unintelligible Whisper + Face Brushing

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