ASMR with Sensory & Therapy Items

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0:00 – Bespoke Post
3:12 – Intro
5:20 – Surgical Brushes
14:25 – Calming Body Tappers
20:03 – Plastic Bead Pouch
22:10 – Water Bead Pouch
23:45 – Microfiber Cloth
26:30 – Rainbow Rice in a Bowl
31:25 – Biting and Chewing Objects
38:25 – Special Feeding Spoon
41:45 – Wire Grabber / Pick Up Tool
44:40 – Heat Sensitive Foam Pad
48:15 – Drizzl Foam / Dough

I got all of these items from – I purchased them all myself, but of course want to link in case anyone thinks these items might be helpful to them!

Todays video I was soooo sosososo excited to film! I am also so sorry – I KNOW I found this website via either a tik tok or another youtube video – so, please, if you think it may have been content from you (or content you recognize) please let me know!!! It’s been months since I placed the order so I cannot find where I saw it from!!
But yes – going through the website and looking at all of the items available to purchase… I was so… intrigued!? Happy!? I just didn’t really know some of these things existed, and as I was reading the description of them, so many I was thinking “WOW this would really help me/or would have helped younger me or WOW this would be perfect for someone I know –” and I’m just really glad they exist! I just think this type of thing is really exciting?
However!!! I tried to reign it in because I wanted to focus on using these items *for ASMR* specifically…!! I do plan on filming REALLY soon, some more videos where I go in depth on some of the items. I’m not even close to a professional; but maybe if anyone who is in the field recognizes any of these tools/techniques, I’d love to hear from you 😀

So please enjoy!!! I keep the body tappers at my desk now, ha!


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