ASMR | Wilbarger Brushing Protocol (Deep Pressure Sensory Therapy & Joint Compressions)

Hello everyone!! This video is about a very real therapeutic technique called the Wilbarger Protocol – I am not actually qualified/trained/anything like that – so if this is something you’d like to try IRL, I’d definitely talk to your doctor or an OT who can tell you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing for whatever you’re trying to achieve, because this technique, as far as I know, can be utilized for quite a few different reasons! 🙂
I was super fascinated when I came across this via a link on the Therapy Shoppe (video on that here: andddd here: and honestly it sounded like something that might be useful for me too!!!
Everything I read online about the Protocol talked a lot about working on tactile defensiveness, sensitivity to touch, and also things like sensory/emotional regulating, and even difficulty transitioning between activities!! That last one really caught my attention personally, ha! So, anyway, I ended up reading a lot about it and thought it would actually make for a very nice ASMR video, with a touch of educational flair? 😀

I also incorporated the joint compressions part of the protocol, and also slowed everything down so that this video wouldn’t only be 3 minutes long… 🙂

Here is just one of the articles I ended up clicking on to read about it in case anyone is interested, or just google the Wilbarger Protocol of course hehe

Let me know what you think!! Maybe we can do a video on it where I do this on Ben (or vice versa) so you can see it IRL too!
Also don’t make fun of me looking like an egg my hair was dirty ok

Sleep well all :))))

Gibi 😀

0:00 – Intro & Explanation
7:12 – Asking You Questions
13:40 – Technique Explanation
17:07 – Brushing Portion

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