ASMR | Which Sleep Products ACTUALLY Work? I Tested Them!

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AHHHH ok okok
I gave this a solid attempt but this was LOW KEY??? Low key a failure of a video, at least in the way I pictured it working out ;; HOWEVER, still good ASMR content so I hope you enjoy!

Essentially I wanted to test out a bunch of “Sleep products” since I know that the sleep industry is just massive! I’ve been using ASMR for so long, I never look to buy anything else! So I decided to try a few things…

I think my biggest mistake was not going to bed EARLY enough to see if the item itself would aid in my sleepiness. I kept going to bed when I was VERY tired and ready to fall asleep; which kind of… probably… negated a lot of the “science” aspect of it.

However, I definitely had thoughts about each of the items and had a fun time filming a different type of video for once!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Sleep well, all!

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