ASMR | Videos on my Camera Roll | Whispered Voiceover

Hi y’all!! This video was directly in response to this video I made of my Rome hotel tour: there were a bunch of comments saying they loved the whispered VO at the very end – so I was like oh! What could I voice over…???!?! And then … I thought… why not videos I’ve already taken? There’s really no good way for me to have shared these before, but they’re cute and it almost serves as a little…vlog type! So I put them together compilation style! Come be nosy and sneak on in, see what I have in my camera roll 😀

I VO’d these live, so there’s very little time/context to explain each one (I tend to ramble so… I didn’t allow myself to pause to explain things LOL) – so lemme know if you like this format, or whether you’d prefer I pause and talk about each one! I can go back and get way older videos to do a sequel, and/or if y’all do like this, I’ll be sure to film more daily moments on my phone so I can make these more often!!!

ENJOY!!! PS I asked all my friends if they were okay with being on here before making them live LOLOL. Some of them I blurred their faces for privacy reasons! 😀

Sleep well! c:

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