ASMR | Treat Test with Satine | Doggy Mukbang Eating

MY LIL GIRL GOT SO BIIIIIG and she’s back in another video!! She was jazzed about it, let me tell you. Fun treats and food, for doing absolutely nothing?? (Don’t tell her she’s being filmed tho she’s shy) Yes please!

FAQ – Satine is a Swiss Shepherd, or a Berger Blanc Suisse. She’s a little over a year old. She was named after Satine from Moulin Rouge! and also Satine from Clone Wars!
I wouldn’t recommend the breed to first time dog owners, people who don’t work from home, or people who don’t have a partner or buddy to help raise them. I couldn’t have done it without Ben for SURE. She is very pretty but A LOT lot lot lot lot lot of work!
My other dog, Luigi, passed away last July. RIP my little buddy, I miss you every day…!

But one of my greatest joys in life is feeding dogs fun foods, so let’s give it a go! Enjoy 🙂

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