ASMR THE UNPROFESSIONAL DOCTOR 😏🩺 Medical Exam, Cranial Nerves, Deep Ear Cleaning 1 HOUR

1 HOUR ASMR | Tonight’s doctor is SO unprofessional but I hope you don’t mind 😉 She’ll perform a full body medical exam, ear exam, eye exam, hearing test, cranial nerve exam, deep ear cleaning and lice check. This video is intended to calm your anxieties, relieve stress and help you sleep.
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Time Stamps:
00:00- Unprofessional Introduction
04:45- Putting on Rubber Gloves
06:20- Up Close Full Body Exam
10:25- Colour Blind Test
13:38- Eye Test
20:20- Cranial Nerve/ Reflex Test
21:50- Measuring Your Pulse
23:40- Listening to Your Heartbeat
25:50- Blood Pressure Test
30:45- Ear Exam
32:37- Tuning Fork
34:30- Hearing Test
36:05- Deep Ear Cleaning
42:40- Lice Check
50:25- Dentist Exam
54:30- Sticking Plasters on You
57:50- Unprofessional Check Out
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NibblyBits Podcast with Creative Calm ASMR

Happy sleeping boys and girls and everyone else x

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