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WELCOME BACK to another fantasy shop RP! Please open for credits!!!

Hi 🙂 Happy Halloween!!! This year I really wanted to bring back a theme I’ve done a few times – the potion shop/apothecary!! I kind of like that the characters change every time… it makes me think that you, the ~adventurer~, are always changing worlds and traveling!

This character’s name is Grimaia, or Grim for short. She is a business owner in a town you and your party are passing through… as an elf, you don’t need sleep, just a very deep meditation for 4 hours or so… so you find yourself wandering late at night trying to kill time until your comrades awaken. You stumble upon this shop, which should be closed, but the door is open, and you hear activity inside…

Let Grim help you shop! You’re a wizard – which is her favorite type of customer – interested in all things magical, and passionate for rare objects!

I’ve been playing D&D weekly for 10 weeks now and I am certifiably in love with the idea of TTRPGs :’) I have so many more I want to try!! But I tried to sneak in a bunch of general D&D references in this video; so in my mind, you’re kind of in the Forgotten Realms – but as we know, each campaign there takes place in its own version of it… 🙂

I also tried to make Grim sound like Common wasn’t her main/first language – but I wasn’t trying to do any “real” accent in particular, since there are a bunch of fantasy languages spoken in the Forgotten Realms that we don’t actually know what they sound like – so enjoy my extremely changing accent HAHAHAH
Another PS – for a few of the close ups I feel like my hands look really shaky because one of the days I filmed, I had way too much coffee LOOOOL so I’m sorry if anyone notices that, but wanted to put this in the description so if you DO notice, don’t be alarmed!! I’m totally fine! Just enjoying my coffee too much… 😀

First off – this video was HEAVILY inspired by the fact that the amazing, lovely LENNE from Lenne’s Custom Creations: Sent me an INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY generous care package full of amazing art and objects from her store!!!! PLEASE check her out for all of your creative needs… 😀
The mimic book (and the chest and tin behind me!) are from them, the dragon bags, – as well as the ears I’m wearing!!

The Lyre I’m playing is from – please, if you enjoy the sound, you would absolutely love their youtube channel, which deserves a lot more eyes and ears on it!

The song I’m playing (I transcribed myself, ha!) is GOOD RIDDANCE, written by Darren Korb for the Supergiant Games video game HADES – my all time favorite game! I could not recommend it more!
I also intend on shooting a full cover of it for my second channel where I’m actually singing/find someone for the harmony, rather than just this humming excerpt 🙂

If you’d like to support some small businesses, here are a few places I purchased more items for this video!!
Wanted Posters (digital files I printed):
Apothecary bottles of salts/crystals:
Red Tunic shirt:
My blue linen overdress:
Steampunk wooden glasses:
Stand up dice bag:
Bone dice & bag, but I can’t find the bag atm:
Bronze medallion:
My beloved hand-blown glass red bottle:
And the lovely brown bottle as well!

My dress IS a dirndl, yes!! It’s my Oma’s, ha! 🙂 and then my shoulder pads are actually from a Daenerys costume I harvested them from LOLOL

My wig is from Webster Wigs! Pls sponsor me–

The music in the beginning is purchased with a commercial license from Fesliyan Studios 🙂

Okay whew! Hopefully that’s everything I meant to mention! Thank you all so much for watching!!!! This video took me longer than I anticipated it to… once I rehearsed it out – I realized it wasn’t… ENOUGH – and that’s kind of where I decided to go all in on the close-ups, etc… which was quite a few days of extra shooting, but it’s something I don’t usually do, and I hope you like it!!!! I love Halloween time and doing some vibe-y videos :’) I couldn’t help myself!!! One more Halloween type one, I think, but the rest of this months videos may have to be a bit more basic if I have a chance at getting them done, HA!

As always, a massive thank you to Vest for coloring, sound editing, and completing this video!! Yours truly did a bunch of editing this time too ;D I LOVE doing match on action cuts can you tell –

Points to anyone who notices goofs I made during the shooting process…
Ok I gotta stop typing now… ENJOY, LITTLE ELF WIZARD!

(No more room!!)

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