ASMR that starts fast and gets slower and darker so you can sleep :))

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Ayyyy I did another version of this recent video I did where the video got darker and darker with the intention of letting you sleep easier!!! This time I also did faster triggers first, and gradually slowewwwed 🙂 I also tried a different way to darken the screen this time, it was Vest’s idea and I really like how it looks!! What do you think? ?

My first video:

Sleep well everyone!!

0:00 – Honey
1:35 – Intro
3:20 – Game Boy Clicking Sounds
5:20 – Brush & Container Sounds
7:50 – Page Flipping & Manga Tapping
10:25 – Silicon Mascara Wands & Container Sounds
14:40 – Special Reading Glasses Tapping
16:20 – Wooden Cookware Sounds
21:10 – Maison Glow Candle Sounds
24:50 – Visual Triggers with Light
26:40 – Ornamental Fan Sounds
29:50 – Face Tracing
32:30 – Book Reading
35:55 – Stuffed Animal Sounds & Visual Triggers

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