ASMR | Team Rocket Performance Review (they’re in trouble) | ft. @Atlas ASMR

…(AND THEY AREN’T PREPARED TO MAKE IT DOUBLE IF U KNO WHAT I MEAN) PLS OPEN ME FOR CREDITS!!!! A lot of people helped me make this video!!

THE BOSS/GIOVANNI voiced by @Atlas ASMR !!! AND he did the animation in the beginning and the on-screen elements!!! He’s amazing as always! Give him some well-deserved love!!
(And if you want some more, check out our Hades series here! )

JAMES is played by… James! My cousin! We’ve been cosplaying Jessie and James for over 6 years and they are our pride and joy… I had so much fun filming this one! More Team Rocket ASMR can be found here:

TROY is played by Ben!!! Thank you ehehehehe. Troy is now my first official Pokemon OC LOL

And extra massive thank you to Vest for his work on this edit!!! I actually did the cutting part myself this time so I could pick the takes I wanted and dust off those old premiere skills (it was traumatizing), and I was dying to edit the end sequence myself – but oh lord it needed a lot of sound, coloring, put-it-all-together help, so thank you Vest!!!! Give him some love:

And thanks to my anonymous friend who sat in the room with us while we filmed this and read giovanni’s lines out loud so we would be able to time it right LOLOLLLLL. ~ We luv u

FINALLY…. shoutout to YT user Dr Fu Minshew who has been requesting a new Team Rocket video for almost 1,000 days straight. This one’s for u buddy!

Welcome to the TEAM ROCKET PERFORMANCE REVIEW: All done over Pikazoom, of course! The Boss, Giovanni, isn’t too happy with the reports he’s gotten from the Finance Department… it seems like Jessie and James are perhaps using the Rocket Credit Card a biiiiit too much than is maybe professionally appropriate…

Meowth was too smart to be present for this call.

I hope you enjoy!! This one’s a bit more performative/louder than some of my other videos – more for entertainment than for sleeping, ha! I hope you make it to the end!! (I tried not to make it too long :))


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