ASMR | Tattoo Q&A Part 1: Advice, Planning, Pre-Tattoo, Artists… etc!

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0:00 – Gibi Merch ( – only a few more weeks until orders close forever!)
0:12 – Intro

2:42 – Will you ever get color tattoos?
4:21 – Has your own growth and evolution reflected in the tattoo art?
7:17 – Will all your tattoos be anime themed?
8:00 – Why only your legs?
11:40 – Are there any tattoos you used to want, but don’t anymore?
13:57 – Would you get a face tattoo?
14:01 – Would you get an ASMR tattoo?
14:10 – Would you get an MCR tattoo?
14:15 – Would you get an AoT tattoo?
14:18 – Would you get an Avatar tattoo?
15:09 – Which one has the most meaning?
16:44 – Why the inner thigh before the outer?
17:22 – Which was your favorite to get?
18:44 – What is your favorite tattoo you’ve seen on someone else?
20:06 – What was the desire driving you to get them?
21:55 – Do tattoos need a deeper meaning?
23:50 – If you got a MHA tattoo, who would it be?
24:10 – What are your tattoo goals?
25:35 – If you could change any or improve any, would you?
27:08 – What is one you don’t want, and where wouldn’t you want it?
28:22 – Are there any styles you like on others, but not yourself? (Remind her of this)
30:08 – Would you get tattoos of your future kids, and where would you put them?
31:09 – What is a whacky tattoo that you want to get?
31:55 – What is a tattoo you secretly want, but won’t get?
32:37 – What other fandoms are you planning to add?
33:30 – Is the plan to do sleeves on both legs?
33:47 – Why did you choose to get Chaos (from Hades)?
35:35 – Would I get a NSFW tattoo?
37:15 – I’m overwhelmed on where to start!
43:34 – What to expect when getting a tattoo?
47:01 – Can a tattoo get infected?
48:07 – Any advice?
52:00 – How do I get over the fear of regretting it someday?
54:29 – Should I just go for it, or consider it even more?
56:29 – What’s a good starter spot for a tattoo on the body?
57:55 – Appropriate age for a tattoo?
1:00:08 – What is the best location for a tattoo when considering work or public showing concerns?

1:01:08 – How long did you plan beforehand?
1:01:39 – How do you go about finding your artist?
1:02:38 – How do you pick which design to get?
1:07:47 – Do you choose the spot or picture first?
1:08:07 – What do you pick first, the artist or the placement?
1:08:53 – How do you decide which tattoo should be done by which artist?
1:12:01 – Do you bring an exact design or give the artist freedom?
1:14:12 – Will artists tattoo art that’s not by them?
1:15:40 – Do you see the design before you go in?
1:15:45 – How do you contact an artist for a tattoo?
1:20:50 – Have you had an idea rejected?
1:25:47 – Do you ever give the artist a choice on what to tattoo?
1:26:02 – How specific are you when telling an artist what you want?
1:27:14 – How do you decide on tattoo placement?
1:27:58 – Tips on getting the best price / not being taken advantage of?

1:37:50 – Have you ever not liked a design?
1:39:50 – Have you ever tweaked a design?
1:43:40 – Is there any pre-tattoo skin prep you can do?
1:44:20 – What is in your tattoo bag, what do you bring?
1:49:42 – How to determine if the tools are safe and sterile?
1:58:48 – How do you know if you’ll be allergic to products?
2:03:27 – Did you do any research for health problems that come from tattoos?
2:08:40 – Do you smoke before the tattoo, or take anything?
2:10:17 – Do the artists present more than one option to you?
2:11:00 – What happens if I am hairy?
2:11:45 – Any advice for PoC wanting tattoos?

Thanks so much for all the thoughtful questions!! I shot part 2 last night and it’ll be up on June 21 🙂

Please disclaimer note: I am simply a person who has gotten some tattoos – I am not trained, I am not an artist, I am not a medical professional in any sense! I hope that my personal experience can help – but always do your best to find artists/medical professionals you can trust to ask specific questions to about YOUR individual body!

Commenters – if you have any conflicting advice, (or if you think any of my advice is particularly solid!) feel free to leave it below, no worries! (especially if you are a tattoo artist or medical professional!) If you are a tattoo artist – please leave your social media as well. I’d love to check you out!

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