ASMR | Staring at You Until You Fall Asleep

Few options here before you settle in! Turn autoplay off, loop this video, OR, open this playlist:
I put an 8 hour loop of the rain/thunder/fireplace sounds so after this video is done, it’ll hop to that one so you won’t be interrupted!

I had this idea and thought it would be so funny lmfao – sometimes we need to be held accountable a little!!!! Plus Satine was super sleepy too and I told her to hop up on the bed and she really just snuggled right in LOLLL – she gets up a few times, but she settles back in. Nothin goin on to see, I’m drinking tea and reading a book! And peeking in on you every once in a while to make sure those peepers are closed!!!!

Now stop reading the description. 🙂

Gibi ~

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