ASMR SLEEP CLINIC 2+ HOURS (the best sleep you’ll ever have, pinky promise)

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This video is intended to calm your anxieties, relieve stress and help you sleep.

00:00 Cinematic Intro
05:04 Sleep Clinic Welcome
10:00 Facial Cleansing
23:40 Face Brushing
27:34 Hair Brushing
32:36 Oily Scalp Massage
44:24 Sleep Personality Questionnaire
01:08:15 Aromatherapy
01:20:22 Applying Balm
01:24:12 Trigger Test
01:44:21 Sleepy Poems
01:49:47 Bedtime Story
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NibblyBits Podcast with Creative Calm ASMR

Happy sleeping boys and girls and everyone else x

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