ASMR | Real Hospital Exam for Relaxation | Emergency Appendicitis

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HAHAHA okay SOOOOO if you caught the dialogue at the beginning – I was supposed to shoot a Daisy video when I was at this location, but because of some VERY poorly timed lawncare appointments outside, I only had time to film one video ;-; so. maybe someday, you’ll get the prequel!!!

GOT TO FILM IN A COOL MEDICAL SPACE AGAIN!!! Here was the first one:

I am so not a medical professional I am a paid actor pls if you actually know things about medical things this may not be immersive for you AHAHAH BUT I TRIED!!!!!

The one time I had to get emergency surgery as an adult it was for a BURST OVARIAN CYST but I tried to make this one something anyone could have so we went with APPENDICITIS – emergency but hopefully not too TRAUMATIZING or anything as far as medical things go – especially because in this video you caught it nice n early and you are well tAKEN CARE OF!
And don’t worry I sound American but your insurance covers everything I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

u will wake up without an appendix

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