ASMR | Rating my Tattoo Pain & Answering Your Questions | Tattoo Q&A Part 2

OPEN FOR TIMESTAMPS – There are a ton of questions so you can skip around if you’d like!
0:00 – Intro
2:25 – Pain level for each tattoo / Most & Least painful?
17:39 – Do you get nervous before the tattoo?
19:03 – What’s the difference between lining and shading?
22:15 – Have your tattoo artists ever messed up?
23:46 – How long did all the tattoos take?
24:39 – What do I do while getting tattoos?
28:26 – What’s your go-to during a session to keep your mind off the pain?
29:48 – How do you deal with the shock?
30:55 – Do you use numbing cream?
33:11 – How long did the Hunter x Hunter one take?
34:04 – Do you enjoy the feeling / pain?
37:00 – How do you deal with the itching?
40:02 – How do you feel after getting a tattoo?
44:19 – What is second skin?
49:19 – What does your healing process look like?
1:07:11 – Has each tattoo healed the same? Which took the longest?
1:08:22 – Does the black ink fade?
1:10:10 – Are touchups needed, and how often?
1:11:36 – What’s your reaction / feeling when you see the final piece on yourself?
1:12:28 – Do you find the healing smell gross?
1:12:56 – My fear is that fine line tattoos blur out quickly, have any blurred for you?
1:15:04 – If you notice an imperfection with your tattoo, how do you deal with it?
1:18:42 – Do you feel nervous about getting tattoos done by different artists in different countries?
1:20:50 – Did the other artists comment on the tattoos you already had?
1:23:02 – How much do your tattoos cost and do you ever tip the artist?
1:25:51 – Does Ben have tattoos?
1:26:18 – Which tattoo is Ben’s favorite?
1:27:30 – What does my family think of them?
1:32:04 – What do your friends think of them?
1:34:06 – Have strangers ever said anything about your tattoos?
1:36:44 – What got you into tattoos?
1:38:26 – What happens to Satine when you travel for tattoos?
1:38:38 – Have you ever been afraid of not liking your tattoos anymore?
1:43:38 – Do you ever miss your bare skin?
1:44:31 – What happens when you get old, or lose/gain weight?
1:49:20 – Is it a shock when you look at your legs, going from no tattoos, to so many?
1:50:00 – How does tattooing work with Dermatographia?
1:51:48 – Why do you think getting tattoo’s is addictive?
1:52:45 – Do you feel like you’re wearing pants when you look at your legs?
1:52:56 – How difficult were the manga panel tattoos for the artist?
1:54:31 – Where do I think the most painful spot would be?
1:55:05 – Should I get a tattoo in another language if I am American?
1:57:41 – Did having ADHD affect your tattoo booking process?
2:01:48 – Is it better to save cash for an artist you’re 100% on, even if they’re far away, or go with someone local who might be cheaper?
2:04:57 – Any hidden messages in your tattoos?

Please disclaimer note: I am simply a person who has gotten some tattoos – I am not trained, I am not an artist, I am not a medical professional in any sense! I hope that my personal experience can help – but always do your best to find artists/medical professionals you can trust to ask specific questions to about YOUR individual body!

Commenters – if you have any conflicting advice, (or if you think any of my advice is particularly solid!) feel free to leave it below, no worries! (especially if you are a tattoo artist or medical professional!) If you are a tattoo artist – please leave your social media as well. I’d love to check you out!

Thank you all for your questions!!! Sorry – I wanted to make this all one giant video but as you can see I had to break it up since it was 4 hours long LOLLL
See part 1 here:

Sleep well y’all!!! BRB gotta schedule some more appointments…

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