ASMR | Playing Hand Games on Your Face! | Schoolyard Nostalgia | Bonus Show & Tell!

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GOOD MORNINGGGGG (it’s the morning when I’m writing this but you’re gonna get this video at 6pm like usual hehehee)
Today’s video is a throwback to the deepest trenches of my muscle memory – hand games we used to play in school!! My best friend Meg and I actually went to kindergarten thru high school together, so I called her and we had a hilarious time remembering all of the ones we used to do!! You do retain so many of them!!

SIDE NOTE – if anyone can remember the Miss Suzy finisher… please, it’s been bothering us that we can’t remember it! The one that published online isn’t what we used to say…
Also hilariously my cousins remember saying “concentration 54” but everyone else I talk to (Ben, my sis in law, etc…) remembers “concentration 64”, so I guess we just did it wrong LOLOL

Enjoy!! This was a really fun one to make! I was worried it wouldn’t be long enough (lols at the 44 minute final run time) so I also dug out some of my old toys that I kept – I was intensely attached to these!!!! So many little worlds, characters, established universes…. no wonder I love making OCs and thank god I finally started playing D&D ha!

Have a wonderful night!!!
PS some of these are a little …. dark and/or don’t age well – just a very mild, mild warning I suppose?? Idk!!! I talk about it in the video too so you don’t just get caught off guard lmfaooo


0:00 – Casetify
3:18 – Intro
7:04 – Hand Games Begin
34:45 – Showing Off Dolls
39:18 – Showing Off Toy Dogs

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