ASMR | Paramedic Takes Care of You After You Faint

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Ayyyyyyy! Following up on the trend of “I made a Fastest ASMR video and then realized that most of these would make pretty good full length videos, why haven’t I done this before????” – here is the PARAMEDIC full length!!! Slash… EMT – slash… oh lord it’s very clear I have no medical training – but shout out to everyone who has ever been or is a paramedic/EMT….! You all must need some serious stress relief and pampering! Thank you for all you do 🙂 Also…. why are you clicking on a video about paramedics!?!?!? It’s just to see how accurate I am.. isn’t it….. TELL ME HOW ACCURATE I AM I WANNA BE ROASTED HAHAH

Ok 🙂
Medical ASMR always a popular one! I know I love these types of videos – so trying to mix it up in what the actual medical situation is. I hope you enjoy c:

Sleep well!!!!
Gibi 🙂

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