ASMR | Moisturizing Your Crusty Self

YES THAT IS THE TITLE – HAHAHAHAH I wanted to call it de-crustifying you but … anyway the main point of this video IS – I have an absurd amount of bottles/jars of lotion and skincare and I think they are soooo satisfying and aesthetic to look at – and I wanted an excuse to show them off in-video without just doing a show-and-tell type video! So enjoy this unhinged roleplay that I CANNOT BELIEVE IS 50 MINUTES LONG ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEE–
anyway I know lotion is a little bit of a ~tee-hee~ 12-year-old laugh moment but hopefully I don’t make it too awkward lmfao. I JUST REALLY LIKE THE BOTTLES OKAY

(seriously tapping on a lotion bottle is one of my favorite specific triggers of all time)

As far as tattoo care goes – I have been slathering these on for the last month or so religiously and it is absolutely helping!! I mix it up a lot! I gotta say I really love just the straight up coconut oil a LOT, especially at night!


Gibi 🙂

(PS I might as well start putting it in the description now, but I’ll probably do an announcement of some kind – I am planning on switching to two videos a week starting in August! This is an indefinite change while I catch up on a bunch of work I have been trying to find time for for the channel. I got really behind when I was sick in June and don’t want to release low quality videos just for the sake of releasing videos, so I’m going down to two to see if it’s more manageable while I catch up on work on the side!! I’ll be posting Wednesdays and Saturdays!)

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