ASMR | Microphone Trigger Test & Comparison | AKG 414 vs Tula Mic

Hello HELLO!!!! So just as a disclaimer, both of these mics were sent to me (the AKG long ago, and the Tula fairly recently, but I just got around to making this) – but I was not paid to make any videos with them. I’m just a sucker for trying out new mics… as I should be 😀 The AKG 414 are my standard microphones I use in 99% of my videos (I use two)! Before that, I was using the AKG 314s! I also have used the Blue Yeti, the Rode NT1s, and occasionally the 3dio, among other one-off mics.

Spoiler, by far, the AKG C414s have been my favorite mic I’ve used by far. It’s a little unfair to compare them to the TULA, because I would use the TULA mic for a very different situation. But it is fun to hear how much it can make a difference! The audio is also completely unedited.

The TULA is really convenient as a portable travel mic! The shape is awesome and it’s easy to get the audio to my computer via a cable. I’ve already used it twice when I need a quick foley sound effect or something without lugging my entire mixer/mic setup to a different room! I definitely would want a foam cover for it to do and voice work, though.

For the AKG C414s, I use them on the supercardioid pickup pattern most of the time, and I use a Zoom LiveTrak L-8 as my mixer, with Mogami Gold XLR cables.
If you’re interested in purchasing, here are my amazon links so I’d get a commission for my recommendations, ha!

Another disclaimer is that (while I did get a degree in Film LOL, I didn’t take sound-specific classes at ALL) I am not a professional sound person!! I’m sure you could get both mics to sound even better! And again, these sound clips are unedited. In 99% of my videos, we’ll do post-treatment on the sound!

AKG C414s:
TULA mic:
Mogami Gold XLR cable:
Zoom LiveTrak L-8:

0:00 – Gibimerch
0:05 – Intro
1:00 – Tula Unboxing / Discussion
6:42 – Tula & AKG Whisper Comparison
10:47 – Mic Brushing Comparison
12:26 – Mic Touching Comparison
13:07 – Soft Speaking Comparison
15:28 – Button Clicking Comparison
16:56 – Scissor Comparison
18:30 – Ratchet Noise Comparison
19:22 – Keyboard Clicking Comparison
20:34 – Toaster Coaster Comparison
22:05 – Paper / Page Turning Comparison
23:13 – Crinkling Comparison
24:05 – Water / Spray Bottle Comparison
25:00 – Omni-directional Test & Final Thoughts

Bottom line: I really like the TULA as a travel mic, that’s where it shines. It gives you a lot of the perks of a blue yeti without being MASSIVE. I do think the sound quality of the Blue Yeti is better, and the price of the Blue Yeti is better too. If you’re only picking one mic, (and you’re doing ASMR) I would absolutely go for the Blue Yeti.
If you’re looking for a good travel mic, would recommend the TULA – but there are other travel options you could look into depending on what audio you’re trying to capture. (such as lav mics, etc.)
For an at-home setup, my recommendation continues to be to stick with the Blue Yeti. When you’re ready to ~level up~, you’ll sink a good amount of $ into a good mixer and pair of two professional mics, mic stands, etc. ALWAYS invest in a shockmount!!!!!!
And remember, stop hitting your headphone cord ;D That’s another good thing about having a mixer. If you can help it, don’t plug your headphones directly into your microphone, and never place your microphone directly on a table, etc. that you’re going to be touching!

anyhoo THAT’S ALL FOR NOW!!! Enjoy 🙂



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