ASMR MEN’S SHAVE Roleplay (Sleep-inducing) 🪒💈

#asmr men’s shave roleplay! Let’s imagine you have a big LONG… beard and tonight we will brush and massage your beard with soapy suds and shave you. Also features a hair trim and head massage. This video is up close and intended to calm your anxieties, relieve stress and help you sleep.

Time Stamps:
00:00- ASMR Welcome
02:30- Guided Breathing
03:35- Brushing Your Beard
06:25- Trimming Your Beard
10:10- Putting on Your Apron
13:15- Shaving Foam
14:30- Putting Shaving Foam on Your Face
16:40- Shaving Your Beard
19:50- Towel Drying You
20:47- Massaging Your Face with Cream
23:05- Trimming Your Hair with Scissors
25:20- Hair Clippers
27:40- Styling Your Hair

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NibblyBits Podcast with Creative Calm ASMR

Happy sleeping boys and girls and everyone else x

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