ASMR | Luxury International Flight Attendant Experience | Overnight Flight

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Thank you so much for this #SponsoredSaturday 😀 It’s a longer read than usual because it’s new and I wanted to talk a bit more about it!

0:00 – Babbel
3:55 – Intro / Safety Demonstration
8:20 – Flight Attendant Check-in

HI EVERYONE!!! I am so excited about this video!!! Firstly I just want to thank Vest for doing such a good job with the green screen – we had some major challenges in this one and he pulled it off anyway, I’m so happy with how it turned out! c:

I wanted to make this video since I was thinking about what would go well with a video sponsored by a language learning app… 😀 (Which, by the way, I’ve been continuing to do lessons in the last few weeks since I’ve filmed this, and I am still absolutely loving it!) Cue INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT OF COURSE!! Flying/traveling actually is inherently so stressful to me so I hope that this type of video can help calm those who have a similar experience – or be enjoyable to those who love flying……. I’m jealous. Haha!

So please enjoy!!! And let me know what you think!!
Here are my old flight attendant videos hahah… I FEEL LIKE WE’VE HAD A HUGE GLOW UP – I learned so much about how to light myself, too, for a cozier/more immersive effect… and way better on how to frame myself, ha!!! Look at these old videos, I’m dying…

January 2017 Flight Attendant video:
Why did I talk like that

August 2017 International Flight Attendant:

Daisy 2019 International Flight Attendant (Unprofessional):
Again omg that green screen…. Gibi… please

(PS I might as well start putting it in the description now, but I’ll probably do an announcement of some kind – I am planning on switching to two videos a week starting in August! This is an indefinite change while I catch up on a bunch of work I have been trying to find time for for the channel. I got really behind when I was sick in June and don’t want to release low quality videos just for the sake of releasing videos, so I’m going down to two to see if it’s more manageable while I catch up on work on the side!! I’ll be posting Wednesdays and Saturdays!)

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