ASMR | Life Ramble: How Was My Break from YouTube?

clickbait title because is it really a break if i still upload once a week – YES I THINK SO LOL
jk I just really wanted to make a video for everyone who was wondering how it all went – I made this long update explaining right before I took my break:
and I figured after talking so much about it, etc, it wouldn’t be right to not tell you how it all ended up going! So… enjoy 🙂

I mention a few things in this video!!
My earrings are from Pondsizedocean ! Non-binary owned small business that makes the most beautiful / cool jewelry!!!!!
James’ (and my L!) Tattoo artist, Yoon!:
My nails are Holo Taco!!! Thank you for sending!!
My top is from Nuuly! Pls sponsor me lol

Ok that’s all the links I wanted to make sure I put I think 😀

Other than that, enjoy the update video!! I shot this two weeks ago so I already don’t remember what I said so I’m going to let the video do the talking…. lol c:

Thanks for listening! I think I will probably make it a yearly thing, especially if I can make it to the end of the year normally LOLOL (its April and I’m already Very Busy… but I just have a lot goin on, should calm down soon.. right?? right?????????)

See you in the next video! 😀

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