ASMR | I have NO Idea What I’m About to Use: Surprise/Mystery Triggers

AYOOOO *open me for the shops’ infos :)* I bought all of these myself and enjoyed all of them very much!!! Definitely support some small business if you liked these! :’)

So I really wanted to do a video where I TRULY had no idea what was going to come out – and so I figured mystery boxes/blind bags etc. was perfect for that!!! So I looked up “mystery box”… and found such a range!!! So much fun picking out which ones to order…
This ended up being kind of more like an unboxing videoooo? I can never tell how to like… structure these?? I get so excited about them I want to like, TALK about it and show it off, I’m not doing a ton of long-form triggers/sounds with them, because I also know when I’m watching videos like this, I just want to see the next item!!!
But you’ll definitely get a lot of these in upcoming videos :’)
But yeah! Let me know what you prefer in terms of formatting this type of video. Did I do it right, or should I have spent more time on items, less on talking? More? IDK!
I also didn’t even OPEN EVERYTHING!!! I’m trying not to absolutely kill my editor since I’ve been behind on filming lmaooo ~ again, ironically because I’m in the midst of building a studio, which has been taking time away from actually filming content… which is not good… BUT YEAH. ANYWAY. This video quickly got very long, so I decided to chunk out some parts to allocate to their own videos!

Timestamps and links!
0:00 – Intro
2:41 – Gender Neutral Vintage Clothing Mystery Bundle* from *30somethingvintage:*
9:56 – 4 Pairs of Earrings Mystery Box* from *HANAfloral:*
15:30 – Mystery Eyewear Box* from *ShadeByMichael:*
19:00 – Mystery Letters* from *MysteryLetterCo:* _(….! Side note, if anyone knows HOW this works, I’m SO freaking curious!?!??! I would love to do a livestream or a full video of the other 4 letters we got! I’ll be keeping the names/addresses private though!)_
27:32 – Mystery Dice Blind Bags* from *GamemastersGuildLLC:*
34:15 – Talking about Gothic Thrifted Mystery Box from *ForagedCuriosities,* :
38:10 – ASMR cracking clay Mystery Grab Bag* from *TooGoodToBeThru:*
41:00 – *Gothic Thrifted Mystery Box* from *ForagedCuriosities,* a surprise viewer of the channel!!!! I want to do a full video with the rest of the contents of this mystery box too :))):
46:10 – Cottage Core Mystery Gift Box* from *AlisLostTreasure:*
52:05 – Japanese Stationary Mystery Supply Grab Bag* from *Bionic808Shop:*

Enjoy, sleep well, and thank you so much for watching!

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