Asmr house tour+Garage & Full Barn Tour!*+ Our new horse 🐎-New 2022/2023 House|

today we finally have the house tour video, i had some time today and made a good house tour video for you guys. this video will include my house, the full tour of the garage with the barn. we are still getting used too the size of this place, because i didn’t grow up on a farm, my parent grew up on a farm back in South-Afrika in the days. so you can imagine the nostalgic feeling they got when they saw this ranch. so without further due enjoy this house tour video, and i will see you with a new Asmr this Wednesday. obviously this place needs a lot of love and some repairs in between, because the previous owners could not maintain the place since they were retired and at old age. they have since we purchased the house gotten their new home somewhere in Belgium.

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