ASMR | Giving You Personal Dating Advice (Very Wise, Very Qualified)

It’s time to answer YOUR questions about Dating and LOVE!!! All personally submitted!! I tried to pick ones I saw that were asked over and over again just worded a little differently – so if I didn’t get to your exact question, hopefully something in this video will be mildly helpful!!

Obviously I am only as qualified as you view me to be – LOL – but this is the kind of advice I would give any close friend that came to me! My friends all tell me I am very “tough love” …. so… hopefully that’s… fine 🙂
I like to be logical and realistic! I think that people should spend more time looking at the SCIENCE
of relationship and love!!

For example, here’s a book I talk about:
WOW IT’S EVEN ON AUDIBLE — listen this video isn’t sponsored but… yknow

I think doing actual WORK on understanding yourself, on how to be a good partner, and what YOU want in a partner… v invaluable. There will never be a time where you’re not “working” on your relationship I think! If you both are on the same page it makes things a lot smoother! Ben and I are not perfect, but I am always very happy with how level-headed our entire relationship has felt. Never ever any screaming/yelling/never ever silent treatment-ing the other person. And I’m very grateful for that. It makes working through the inevitable problems much more pleasant.

ANYHOO I’ll stop typing because I talk enough in this video LOOOOL. Let me know what you think!
~Gibi aka cupid aka eros, aphrodite’s smol boi
PS Remember to chill

0:00 – Intro
5:26 – How do you tell someone you like them, specially if they don’t know you have feelings for them?
13:15 – What do you do if you’re rejected?
17:05 – Is it weird to try and get back with an ex you are on good terms with? How can I get over them?
21:18 – How do I know if my standards are too high?
25:05 – Is it weird that I have no experience at my age?
29:45 – Maintaining a relationship!
34:47 – How do you find a woman that doesn’t just want my body or money?
35:05 – When do you know to keep things to yourself and not comment about something about your partner?
37:16 – There is a guy who liked me last year but I did not. Now I do like him, but I don’t know what to do about it.
38:08 – I have a massive crush on this guy but I believe he is unobtainable, can you help?
40:42 – How to survive long distance relationships?
42:47 – A year ago I was talking to a girl I liked, but I called things off due to fear of a serious relationship. We’ve since started talking again, and I’ve admitted my mistake but now I do not know how to approach the “where are we going” question.
44:28 – This may be opposite to the point of the video, but what is the best way to break up with a partner?
45:43 – Male insecurities, what are things I can change about myself and why can’t I get a partner?
51:34 – How to get the attention of someone that doesn’t know you?
52:48 – I like this person, but they are kind of a bully. Should I just move on, or still act on how I feel?
54:25 – Is confidence really as important as people make it out to be?
56:52 – What are the best places to go on a first date?
57:20 – How do you know if you have feelings for someone instead of just hyper-fixating or being bored?
58:36 – Do you think Soul Mates exist?
1:03:00 – What’s a good way to keep a conversation going?
1:04:22 – What do you do if you fall for a friend who is in a relationship?
1:04:58 – Whenever my girlfriend and I have a small fight, and I am in the wrong, she says she doesn’t want to talk for awhile. I know she wants her space, but my instinct is to call and reach out. What should I do?
1:06:48 – How do you know when a relationship is too far gone to save? How do you know when you are dating a narcissist?
1:07:30 – How to handle a cranky mother-in-law?
1:08:30 – What should I do when my partner is talking to another person? / Discussion on jealousy

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