ASMR | Gibi GFUEL Shaker is REAL! | Full Video GFUEL Triggers
IT’S REAL OMG get your official GFUEL Gibi Shaker!!!
Use code GIBI for 30% off this weekend – including my shaker!!!!! YEEEES!

AHHHH wait I’m so excited I don’t even know where to start the description!
As you all probably know, I’ve been partnered with GFUEL for a very long time – so when they asked if I would be interested in having my own shaker – I said ABSOLUTELY!!! How cool!? They let me design it and pick the color etc and I’m so happy with how it turned out!!! I know the GFUEL x Gibi partnership is mildly hilarious considering my “put you to sleep” tendencies, and their “keep you awake” tendencies LOLLLL – so I decided to call my shaker the “Daydream”!
Finally – you’ll be able to stay awake long enough to finish one of my videos! ;D

But for real, I partnered with GFUEL when I was doing a lot of gaming and streaming content not on this ASMR channel, but honestly, I feel like it fits nicely with ASMR as well because we’re just a bunch of people who can’t sleep, and consequently, typically love some extra energy during the day. I know I do… :’)

I also have gotten so many comments over the years asking if I could do a full GFUEL trigger video/compile all of my GFUEL reads lol!!!! GFUEL in particular I think is quite a popular ask because of how dang nice the tubs, cups, cans, etc… sound 🙂 So I’m very pleased to finally have a great excuse to do full 40 minutes of it!!! Enjoy tapping, liquid shaking, scooping and stirring, light sipping (don’t worry I didn’t go too excessive because I know those sounds can be divisive lol), can tapping, crinkling, ice cube sounds, and more!

GFUEL has well over 40 flavors to try – my favorites include the French Vanilla Iced Coffee, Blue Ice, Spicy Demonade, Star Fruit, Strawberry Shortcake, and Naruto Sage Mode!
Now… if I had my own flavor….. … . . . theoretically… . . . .what would you think it would taste like!?

Sleep well- I mean — uh —

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Talking About Gibi Shaker
8:18 – Closeup View of Gibi Shaker
13:17 – Talking about Gfuel Flavors
17:30 – Making Gfuel
25:55 – Gfuel Cans
31:38 – Gfuel Energy Crystals
32:25 – Gfuel Single Server Packs
35:00 – Making Gfuel Round 2


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