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SO I used the Lumineux strips for 6 days as of today, which you’ll see in this video!! 😀 My thoughts: my teeth are undoubtedly whiter every time I take the strips off, noticeably!! I had a really hard time getting good iPhone photos that didn’t distort colors of both my before and after, but there is a small difference overall from using them daily, for sure. If you have an event and want to really SPARKLE – 100% recommend popping these on before! When you take them off, you definitely need to be around a sink with a toothbrush to get the gel off, but it’s really refreshing to know that it’s all natural ingredients, and I don’t feel all panicky like I do with other white strips where I’m like “ahh, ah, get this out of my mouth!!” so I really appreciated that. I felt ZERO pain during the 6 days of using them, which I was the most happy about – I didn’t think I’d ever be able to use whitening strips again after my poor teeth’s past experience! I also used the toothpaste daily, and mouthwash a few times. I really liked both and recommend! Thank you Lumineux!


0:00 – Lumineux
3:06 – Whitening Consultation
13:23 – Dentist Introduction
18:26 – Teeth Inspection
25:22 – Teeth Cleaning
29:20 – Second Teeth Inspection
33:00 – Jaw Inspection
34:15 – X-Rays
37:00 – Fluoride Application
37:52 – X-Ray Inspection & Finish

Welcome to a full DENTAL VIDEO!!! We haven’t done one in SOO LONG – a serious one, anyway, ha!
My original dentist video (2017):
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Let me know what you think!!! Do you like going to the dentist???

Sleep well, my shiny teeth and me (‘:
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