ASMR FOR MEN: Building Your Sleep Fantasy ❤︎ (VERY REALISTIC)

Tonight I will build you 8 different sleep fantasies that will make you feel loved, relaxed and ready for sleep. With realistic background ambience and descriptions to make you feel like you’re really there!
Time Stamps:
04:28- Fantasy 1: Venice With Your Love
09:40- Fantasy 2: Glass Igloo in Finland
14:46- Fantasy 3: Honeymoon in Bora Bora
19:59- Fantasy 4: Adventure in Costa Rica Jungle
24:45- Fantasy 5: Meeting Someone New in New York Cafe in Autumn
28:36- Fantasy 6: Secluded Getaway to Lodge in Scotland
32:00- Fantasy 7: Romantic Fling in Paris
35:39- Fantasy 8: Picnic in Summer in a Field of Flowers With Your Love
This video is intended to calm your anxieties, relieve stress and help you sleep.
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NibblyBits Podcast with Creative Calm ASMR

Happy sleeping boys and girls and everyone else x

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