ASMR Emoji Challenge

People who actually watch the full video will be rewarded or punished by making it to the end of this one. Depends on your sanity. LOLLLLLLL
I got this idea from SASSYSOUNDSASMR:
Follow her on Tik Tok! Her content is so good!!!! And I found that she has a YouTube channel too!! c:

Here’s the video where you see me find it hahah: (around 11:20 in)

Let’s do ASMR based on EMOJISSSSS… but instead of doing requests, let’s make it random! This will go fine, right?? RIGHT?
I have too much stuff just laying around my house, I swear…


0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Shooting Star
4:30 – School
8:50 – Banana
13:37 – Papers
18:40 – Tiger
24:02 – Fast Forward
26:15 – Surprised Cat

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