ASMR DOCTOR CURES YOUR TINGLE IMMUNITY (insane tingles guaranteed)

Do you have #asmr tingle immunity? This video will help you tingle again!
This video is intended to calm your anxieties, relieve stress and help you sleep.

00:00 Cinematic Introduction
01:15 Meet your doctor
02:20 Personal questions
05:02 Breathing exercises
05:42 Ear Exam
08:28 Hearing Test
10:35 Rubber Gloves trigger
14:04 Spongy Ears
17:35 Mouth Sounds
19:00 Lollipop Sounds
21:25 Inaudible Whispering
23:16 Belly Dancing Fan
24:40 Squidgy Triggers
27:10 Wave Bag
28:55 Cracking Trigger
31:00 Crunchy Trigger
31:46 Summary
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NibblyBits Podcast with Creative Calm ASMR

Happy sleeping boys and girls and everyone else x

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