ASMR | Covering Your Face & Closing Your Eyes for Sleep

Note: I uploaded this video in 4k because YouTube does NOT like when I fade my videos dark and tries to compress them so they look very pixel-y! We found the best results when you watch this in the highest quality 🙂

Straightforward trigger!! But one I’ve never done as a full video I believe… this one is inspired by those baby “hacks” where they lightly brush an infant’s face with a tissue and they fall asleep LOLLLL! I also know I really love when ASMRtists get kind of quiet and take pauses and the darkness I hope will help really put you to sleep. We did fade the video gradually so that the light difference from me covering your eyes and uncovering them will be less and less jarring/contrast-y as time goes on/you fall asleep. I hope you like it! 🙂

In case ur reading this…. HAHA..
I’ve been quite SICK FOR A FEW WEEKS… which is really ruining my groove with filming – so unfortunately some videos that I’ve been excited to film/work on have been too much for me recently… I’m kind of playing it by ear for now (and I’ve been feeling much better so should be back into it this week, but since I film ahead a few weeks, you’re just about to experience “sick Gibi” lol….)
In case I have to delay any uploads, I’ll let you know on a community post! So far so good though. But forgive me for the more simple content upcoming… I know most of y’all will not even notice or just not watch if you don’t wanna but let me just apologize for it anyway LOL
LIKE THIS VIDEO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TROJAN WAR ROLEPLAYYYYY ;-; but I had to postpone… ah well. I like this one too actually, how it turned out. 🙂

Sleep well yall! Stay well!

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