ASMR | Commander Hange Zoë Experiments on You | Attack on Titan

⚠️Do not watch this video if you don’t want spoilers for up to Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1!⚠️
Also please note that Hange canonically, per the creator Isayama, intentionally does not have a defined gender and should be referred to with either they/them pronouns, or she/he pronouns equally! (Source: ) HOORAY NON-BINARY BADASS CHARACTER REP

OHHH BABY lmao I filmed this with the NAIVE, INNOCENT THOUGHT that AoT would be completely finished and aired by now… and then I put it off… and put it off.. aND THEN THEY HIT ME WITH THE “Attack on Titan: The Final Season: Part 3” LMAOOO… it’s ok. I think they’re absolutely killing it with the anime adaptation and I’m honestly glad it’s not over yet! I’d be too sad!! I’ve been watching Attack on Titan for so long now – it’s insane that we’re so close to the end.
I have indeed read the manga! I’m very very interested in all of the analysis videos / youtube video essays to come hahaha.

Welcome to another HANGE ZOE video! I kind of put minor spoilers in the title if you piece it together enough… although… … .. watch it already, you fools
Hange Zoe Experiments on You Part 1:
Hange Zoe Experiments on You Part 2:

I got to use my Opa’s old doctor/surgery tools for this one omg lmao. He was an ENT and I was like “Opa these tools look like literal torture devices may I please borrow them” and he was like “absolutely my child” and here we are. He also loves bolo ties but I did have to buy myself a green one. LOL

I also made the executive decision to NOT add in layered sound effects of squelching etc. during some of these triggers, because honestly it was grossing me out too much and I did want this to be actually mildly enjoyable… but, yknow. I thought about it. uwu

ENJOYYYYYYY OHHH LORDDDD I cannot wait for the next part now…!


PS i want u to guess what the “titan neck” is made out of lmfao

0:00 – Spoiler Warning
0:07 – Intro
1:50 – Questioning & Measuring Titan
9:15 – Testing Soft / Hard Reaction
13:45 – Inspecting Titan Mouth
20:55 – Carving Titan Neck
23:05 – Further Examination & Conclusion

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