ASMR but I made Sarah Schauer surprise me with items (i was impressed)

How do I title??????
WELCOME TO ASMR WITH SARAH SCHAUER! I have been watching Sarah’s content since they started posting on Vine and honestly; the quality content hasn’t stopped since. So I am honored to post this video together! She is hysterical and y’know I know you’re not supposed to meet your heroes but this was a happy exception for me, ok???? Be sure to give them some love 🙂
I’m also throwing in Sarah’s TikTok because you are missing out if you don’t follow:

I don’t wanna timestamp this because honestly spoilers but… maybe later LOL

Also I did surprise Sarah by making her actually do the ASMR *with* me but PLEASE, WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB!!! A true natural!!!!

Sleep…well??? Jk if you get to the end of this video you will not be sleeping

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Big thanks to Denis for editing this video!! Give him a follow 🙂

I’m also p sure Vest helped with the audio for this one too because I made a big oopsie with my mic, so THANK HIM FOR SALVAGING THIS

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