3D Sound ASMR | Triplet Layered Triggers for sleep ~

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For real I was really excited about this one, I haven’t really ever done anything like this in terms of mic placement/layering style, so I really hope you enjoy it! :’)
Which triplet did you find yourself watching the most???

PS Shoutout to vest for making this work even though I accidentally bumped the camera MULTIPLE TIMES WHILE FILMINGASDJFLKASDF;JADKLJSF

Check out the twin video if you haven’t seen it: https://youtu.be/FQ5-1J7FXYs

All Video – Layered Whispering
0:00 – Honey
2:19 – Keyboard Sounds
5:08 – Tapping On Books / Page Flipping Sounds
8:09 – Box Scratching / Wood Bowl Tapping / Cardboard Rubbing
10:10 – Asking You Questions / Writing On Paper with Marker, Pen, Pencil
13:13 – Sponge Sounds / Foam Sounds / Mic Brushing
15:15 – Plastic Jar & Hand Sounds / Spraying & Towel Sounds / Glass Jar & Hand Sounds

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